We believe the top three things that predict whether weight loss will be successful or not are: 

  1. Losing the weight fast
  2. Losing all the weight you wish to lose
  3. Having a combination of support, coaching and targeted supplementation along the way to make losing it fast and losing it all faster and easier.

suppliments2 The fastest and most sustainable weight loss comes from correcting the root causes of the original weight gain, and supporting appropriate food choices along the way. The FEWL plan does both, however, we see noticeable and measurable acceleration in results when we also add targeted and appropriate supplements to speed up the correction of the root causes and to help overcome those cravings that we experience. Moreover, the biggest triggers to regain include falling off a plan because it was taking too long (slow weight loss) and being unhappy at the end result (not losing everything you wanted to).

There are tens of thousands of weight loss supplements on the market, and FEWL has chosen those that are the most cost effective and which deliver the MOST benefit for the MOST people during weight loss, weight control and everyday health.

Effective weight loss supplements can be placed in 5 basic categories:

  • Those for detoxification
  • Those for improving gut health
  • Those for reducing inflammation
  • Those for improving the balance of weight-related hormones
  • Those for added protein balance and ‘compliance’ – like Breakfast shakes which give you a healthy alternative to what’s in the supermarket.

Anyone who has weight to lose will need supplements for at least two of these categories – otherwise they’d have no weight to lose.  FEWL supplements are formulated to target these specific categories, with many of them also bridging over to be effective in other categories as well.


Everyone’s challenges and lifestyles are different, thus supplementation must be personalized to ensure YOU get what YOU need for best effect.  Our coaches work with you to ‘target’ your supplement needs, using simple questionnaires to determine what your needs are based on YOUR symptoms. These questionnaires are used by medical professionals as well, since they are a safe and effective way to personalize any advice to your needs.

The nutrients provided by the FEWL supplements will help repair the body’s systems for weight loss and help overcoming the barriers to achieving fast weight loss. It’s important to note that repair can take months, yet the noticeable difference for escalated weight loss can take just 24 – 72 hours. What a bonus!


Lastly, quality DOES make a difference, and you can read more in these blogs or watch the product videos on the FEWL cart to learn what makes a quality supplement and why FEWL supplements are an elite class of cost-effective supplements specific for health and weight loss.


Be well,

Jeff K

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