Ever wonder how Sumo Wrestlers get so big? Like most, you may assume, incorrectly, that they just eat lots?

In 2006 I went to Japan to learn their secrets, and guess what? I learned the ancient art of Sumo weight gain is what American’s do on a daily basis.  And Americans are clueless about it, which is why FEWL plans emphasize to change the timing and spacing of your meal patters to avoid the Sumo-Syndrome.

The average Sumo Wrestler enters the profession as an 18-yr old male, typically 6’2” and averaging 200 pounds. They are tasked with gaining 100 – 200 pounds over the next three years of their training. And their training is intense, as intense as the average NFL football player but with a different goal in mind.

Sumo’s don’t use steroids or drugs to assist their growth, they do it all natural using these 4 Sumo-secrets:

  1. 6 mornings a week, a Sumo will enter 5 hours of intense physical training for strength and dexterity. This is like 5 hours of crossfit to start their days before breakfast. You have to see it to believe it. Activity anytime is helpful, even before breakfast, but going 5+ hours without eating to start your day means that you program your body to make more fat tissue as a energy reserve to fuel the consistency of missing breakfast. Yes, you gain more weight because you become more efficient at using the food you eat. Don’t go more than 2 hours in the morning without breakfast.
  2. Immediately after the Sumo eats, he takes the time-honored practice of a ‘happy nappy.’ That’s right, they do nothing – they sleep or they lay down on the futon or sit for at minimum 30 minutes after eating. This spikes their insulin response, making them store as much of that food energy into fat and weight gain as possible.

Sound familiar?  Avoid sitting or laying down or doing “nothing” such as watching tv right after eating.

  1. The sumo then goes several hours again without eating. This isn’t an issue for weight gain, unless the next time he eats is within 3 hours of going to bed for the night, which Sumo’s training requires them to do. That’s right, they eat late and they do nothing after eating (again). This spikes their insulin response yet again, and because it’s spiking into the night when they are sleeping, they are assured to be storing more fat tissue than if they were awake. Which, by the way, they do wake up usually around 2 or 3 am, because the late-night eating spiked their cortisol just 5 hours later to wake them up. Most will get up to pee, and to have a little snack and then return to bed for a couple more hours before rolling into the next morning’s training cycle again.  Don’t eat a main meal within 3 hours of bedtime.
  2. Because the Sumo eats so late after waking up – 5 hours of training, travel-time to and from the dojo, perhaps showering afterward… they usually don’t start eating until their 6th or 7th hour after waking up. And because they are training to eat later in their days, say into their 14th or 15th hour of their day, it is safe to say that they eat 2/3 of their food in the last half of their waking day. This changes their insulin response, and makes them gain significantly more weight than if they ate the exact same amount of food, but did it earlier in the day.

Eat 2/3 of your total food in a day within 9 hours of waking up.

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