We’ve discovered that before you can treat weight loss, you must determine the root cause to be successful. Here are the scientific reasons that contribute to excess weight:

Root Causes


Body Toxicity

We come in contact with an average of nine chemicals each hour or 80,000 each year. Many are classified as “endocrine disruptors” and “obesogens” by scientists. They disrupt the normal function of  our hormones causing fat gain and difficulty in losing weight.

Gut Health

We are only as healthy as our guts are. Gut health refers to the lining of our intestines called the gut barrier and the gut flora which is the bacteria located there. Gut health not only influences how we absorb food and eliminate toxins but determines our overall health including our brain health. When the gut barrier is leaky and the bacteria are “bad bugs” we gain more weight and experience more cravings as your bugs are driving the bus. Bad bugs = bad mood, low energy, poor memory and low or zero sex drive.

Hormone Balance

Several hormones when out of whack can make you eat more and gain fat, especially belly fat. They also affect sleep, moods and sex drive. When your hormones are balanced, weight loss is faster and easier and you will feel better.


What does processed foods, food sensitivities, and toxins have in common? They are responsible for creating inflammation in the body. And for some people, up to 10 to 15 lbs of extra weight is actually water due to chronic inflammation. Inflammation is also the backbone of health problems such as diabetes and arthritis. It is proven that choosing foods that are anti-inflammatory affects not only weight loss but creates better health.


A big topic that you will be hearing more about. The short story – we have genes (DNA) and the way we “express” or “turn on” our genes  is influenced by what we do on a daily basis – food choices, behaviors, and even the way we think. These are called epigenetic factors. Some of the most important genes controlling weight are regulated by epigenetic factors. So we have the ability to change the way our genes express themselves by making changes in our lifestyle patterns. This is big news.

FEWL treats problems, not symptoms.

Weight and health challenges come from a combination of chemical toxicity, poor gut health, hormone imbalances and inflammation. We call these the ‘Root Causes.’

Root Causes and what your daily patterns are will change your genetic expression of whether you are heavy or not. Nobody’s “born” to be heavy or unhealthy – instead, what you do on a daily basis will either turn on or turn off the genetics to be fat or thin. It’s called “epigenetics.”

You can literally turn on or turn off thousands of genes in just a few weeks.

Everyone has skinny genes!

Losing weight faster and easier means repairing and changing the patterns that turn on inflammation, fat cell creation or any other of the factors that lead to fat gain.

It’s up to you. And we can help.

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