If you’re wondering what the difference is between the FEWL Weight Loss Program and the Radical Freedom Program, I will tell you.

The Weight Loss Program is meant for people who need to lose weight, but have not had success on a weight loss program before, have yo-yo’d and may hate to exercise. They likely don’t cook much variety or cook from scratch much at all, and don’t eat many vegetables or fruits. Overall, these folks are not very healthy and they need a ‘starting point’ like weight loss. Just by eliminating some foods to address inflammation and adding in some basic supplements usually leads to long term, fast, successful weight loss for these people.

Radical Freedom is intended for people who are doing most things correctly on most days (food or exercise or both), but have either plateaued or regained in their weight loss. Radical Freedom is also good for people who just don’t feel good – not enough energy, lack of sleep, too much stress – you know who you are! This program focuses on digging deep to determine the ROOT CAUSE of your issues. It is intensive. It is massively successful!

As Co-Founder of FEWL, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to put myself on Radical Freedom. Let me explain.

I eat better than most people in America –probably better than 90% – I’m attaching photos of my typical meals to prove it. But I am not at all active anymore (I used to be really active: I competed in swimming and whitewater kayaking at a very high level and I even played hockey 4 nights a week until about 3 years ago).

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I’m a dietitian and a business developer by profession. I used to be a part owner in two different outdoor adventure guiding companies and one internationally-recognized health and weight loss ‘boot camp’ retreat center, where I led active hiking, biking and snowshoeing trips and I even conducted weekly strength and interval classes and taught yoga to my clients.

Now I am a 50-year old executive, working long hours and carrying stress. And, all my spare time goes toward my new start-up company, FEWL.

Additionally, my career took a dramatic shift 3 years ago, which led to a period of deep financial stress. I’m Jeff Krueger, and despite my healthy history and healthy lifestyle, I needed Radical Freedom to correct some things in me, right now.

Here are my symptoms:

  • In 2 years, I gained 20 pounds, ALL of it in my gut. But my issues started showing themselves over the past decade:
  • My mood got darker. I lost all energy to socialize, even the energy to be nice.
  • My mental sharpness was dull and my amazing memory of yesteryear was gone.
  • My eyes looked red and tired all the time, or yellow and red and tired.
  • It was effort to get up in the morning – despite always being known to be the “early riser” to everyone who knows me… but I’ve been fading into sleep for longer and longer this past few years.
  • My hair is thinner, and my boobs are bigger now than many women I know.
  • I had become a fatter, older and unattractive middle aged man.
  • I was craving sugar and starch and even started buying a bottle of wine every week, just to ease the stresses of the days.
  • My guts were a mess – diarrhea and spray-pooh were the norm.
  • And oh my god, my skin… my skin which had always made me look 15 years younger than any of my peers… became flaky, grey, and old-man skin.


What I did to Take Immediate Action

First, I took the FEWL assessments (available on our website) and learned that my gut health was a mess with candida. I knew this already, but I didn’t know how bad. It’s because I took a bunch of antibiotics in my twenties and I have forever since had candida and parasite imbalances that festered and were considered by doctors to be ‘normal.’

Second, I took the DUTCH test and holy shit, I had NO IDEA that my detox pathways were compromised and that my liver was unable to metabolize and remove extra estrogen or toxins that we all are exposed to every single day without even knowing it. No wonder I was accelerating my aging so fast and getting so fatigued!

I started Radical Freedom last Monday and the difference in my brain function, clarity and focus is unreal. Previously, I was a 4 out of 10, at best. Today, I feel a 10 out of 10. Yes, it’s that dramatic.

It’s been a simple diet adjustment and 4 specific supplements to clear the estrogen and knock back my gut-bugs to something more normal.

While I know I should, I do NOT exercise. In fact, I walk to and from my car at most. I work in a high-stress job with long hours and really, I feel ten years younger already on Radical Freedom.

I knew what might happen if I improved my gut health and my hormone systems but I didn’t have a clue how quickly or how much. My doctor is completely uninformed, unprepared and frankly, a waste of my money going forward since none of this was even remotely in his scope.

Since starting last Monday, my sleep is 100% absolutely completely different and better, and my body is feeling lighter and healthier in every way imaginable. When I got on the scale last week, I was expecting to be high in body fat, but I was NOT expecting to learn how much heavier I was that day than at any point in my life.  Wow.

MY personalized Treatment Plan is below – Radical Freedom is different for everyone – this is just MY plan, based on MY dutch test results and assessment scores ….

  • Take Body Assessments for toxicity, candida, etc.
  • Take Dutch Test for complete hormone evaluation
  • Eliminate Caffeine and Sweets
  • Add Liver Detox daily supplements
  • Add Methyl Protect daily supplements
  • Add Special Enzymes daily supplements
  • Add Fungus Killer daily supplements

Fast Forward to Today

Its been 12 days, and the differences in my body have been so dramatic that I WISH I had taken photos of EVERYTHING last week – my skin, my hair, my dandruff, my tongue, my chest and especially my belly!

Starting today, I’ll be documenting every week of progress, from photos of skin, hair and toilet, to body fat and inches.

Get this: 10 days ago I tried to sign a check for my wife, and I couldn’t remember how I signed my last name – it was this weird squiggle. I destroyed two checks before giving up and submitting to the squiggle.  I tried practicing a few times on a piece of paper. Still a squiggle. I even wondered if I had a mini-stroke.

Without thinking yesterday, I signed as normal.

I had a couple of challenges, including indulging in a glass of wine and a desert at a 5 hour dinner get together at a friend’s house on Saturday. And at work, the kitchen is constantly crammed with leftover sweets from group meetings, which is easier to resist because of my supplements. I also had a pretty bad headache on day two of detox and I can count on one hand how many headaches I’ve had in 50 years, so that was difficult.

My Results

  • Lost 12 lbs in 10 days – ALL of it from my belly! (From 208 to 196 lbs)
  • Brain function and focus improved from a 4 out of 10 to a 10 out of 10
  • Bowel movements improved from diarrhea and constipation to regular and easy
  • Fall asleep right away, stay asleep all night and wake up 100% refreshed
  • Coffee addiction – GONE
  • Sugar addiction – GONE
  • Desire for wine – GONE
  • Have more energy and a better mood than I’ve had in YEARS – from 4 out of 10 to 8 out of 10
  • Look and feel 100% better

Today, again since starting Radical Freedom, I woke up completely fulfilled with another un-interrupted sleep. This is my 8th night in a row of amazing, refreshing sleep, which I’ve not had in recent memory. I hopped out of bed and onto my new BF679 scale (the most amazing, simple gem!) and my weight had dropped from 208 to 196 in 10 days, again, with not a stitch of activity (walking 75 feet to my truck doesn’t count) and without eating any less than I always have.

I’m wearing a new shirt today that I got at Christmas 3 weeks ago. I wouldn’t wear it before because the buttons were being stretched and I looked… too old. I’m dying to compare photos, because I am positive the entire weight loss has come from my belly and my belly only.

My enthusiasm and passion for our Radical Freedom Program has never been stronger. I have seen the program transform people, and now I’m thrilled to have experienced it myself. If you resonate with my story, PLEASE don’t waste another minute feeling crappy. Let us help you feel young, energetic and look fantastic again!

Much gratitude and blessings to everyone, I wish you the best of 2017.

*Results may be different for each individual

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