follow your weight loss planYou CAN do This and Still Enjoy the Holidays!

In nearly every culture and religion, food is the center for MOST holiday celebrations. Food traditions abound, especially during these next six weeks. If you’re concerned about making it through the holidays without packing on the pounds, we have some tips for you!

First of all, let us reinforce that while you may be on a track to lose weight, you don’t have to sacrifice and beat yourself up for a little indulgence. Our focus is on developing a healthy LIFESTYLE that you can live with, and that includes times of challenge and treating yourself now and then.

Here are five tips to help you navigate holiday celebrations:

  1. Make your plate colorful: Have you noticed that a lot of the foods that are not considered “healthy” are bland in color? Either white, brown, or black foods sometimes have the least nutritional value. When you make it your goal to have a colorful plate, you’re more likely to end up with healthy vegetables, and fruits. A luscious green salad, colorful bell peppers, radishes, squash, tomatoes – all have great health benefits, and they are PRETTY on your plate! Make it 75% colorful and you should find yourself enjoying your holiday meal AND staying within plan.
  2. Water is your new best friend: If you’re at a prolonged cocktail party and you’ve allowed yourself to have wine, alternate one glass of wine with a glass of water (add ice and lemon to make it tasty!). Also drink a full glass of water before you sit down to eat a meal, which will fill up your stomach and help you control your portions.
  3. Think in terms of “spoonfuls”: Sure, every dish looks really delicious and tempting! You can still enjoy the flavors presented to you, but fill your plate using a spoon. One spoonful of each dish will let you enjoy the many flavors, but won’t break the caloric barrier. Note: we do NOT mean a HUGE serving spoon, so stop trying to cheat. LOL
  4. Get fresh air: when others are lingering at the table or have bellied up to the appetizer bar, grab a friend and go for a walk. You can take the social aspect on the road with you. By getting fresh air and a little movement, you’ll feel better and burn some calories.
  5. Have a Plan: It’s always a great idea to have a plan before any holiday celebration. Visualize what you will enjoy, how you say “yes” or “no” to your host, and how you will feel after the fun is over. By arming yourself with a plan, you’re more likely to stay on track and wake up the next day pleased with your success!

From our FEWL family to yours, we are thankful for you, and we wish you a happy, healthy holiday season with those you love!

Be well,

Your FEWL Coaches

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