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During summer months and around holidays, clients ask for advice on ‘sticking’ with their program.

The best news? FEWL clients navigate just fine with a few simple tips and techniques to assist successfully navigating airports, time zones and “other people’s food choices.” We absolutely, positively encourage you to stick to the food choices of your FEWL plan, but we also know it can be easier instead to let supplements assist you along the way.

Plan Ahead

  • Stock up on appropriate supplements: your supplements are tailored for your needs, it’s true. During vacations and travel, theses supplements also assist your body to better deal and cope with the changes around you. They can’t overcome months of poor diet, but in the short term, they accelerate the healing in your body and the resistance to bad effects of vacation and travel food and routines. You’ll notice little, if any change to the bad when your taking supplements to overcome short periods of over-indulgence.
  • Stops Cravings and Ignite are particularly useful for travel: one to lower cravings and temptations and the Ignite as a tasty drink that packs easily and takes the place of travel drinks such as excessive caffeine or alcohol.
  • Other key travel supplements are the detox kit, either taken before or after your trip to ‘reset’ your appetite, metabolism and well-being energy:
    Eating sweets or carbs?
  • Liver Detox, Parasite Blaster and Fungus Killer are especially important if you are going to be eating sweets and carbs, since they knock back the candida and weight-gain bacteria supported by those foods.
  • core supplements for daily use should include:
  • for gut health and detox: digestive enzymes, probiotics, EFA’s, Vitamin D,
  • for mood, energy and detox: B-complex, Brain Health and Methyl Protect
  • If you’re wanting to keep control of snacks and even breakfast on the run, take a supply of Breakfast Shake in a plastic Ziploc – easy to pack and delicious even in a hotel room!
  • Will you need to do a detox / plateau or rebound-breaker on your return? Check out our blog post to learn more.

Sit less. Stand more. 

While a little exercise goes a long way on holiday, if you can’t or won’t do any, then sit less.

Seriously, just stand more.

Stand at the conference in the back of the room, stand while watching the game, at least for a few minutes. Stand on the bus. Stand wherever you can, rather than sitting.  This engages your core muscles, your back and your legs to increase blood flow for detox across your entire body without much effort, and you will gain less and lose more.If you’re really motivated, throw a pair of sneakers in your suitcase.


  • Fill out your Food Journal at every meal and track where you are with your personalized plan.
  • Drink plenty of water – enough to make your urine clear and pale most of the day.
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages
  • Did you order a detox kit for your return?

If you have ANY questions, text, phone / email your coaches, upload a photo to fruitstreet for us to view, or submit them on our Facebook Page  or in our Forum.

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