Have you ever fallen off a health or diet program? Ever slipped into cravings and way-over indulged? Ever felt so guilty you swore never to do it again, but then you repeated the whole scene again? And again?  I have. Many, many times.  I used to think it was “willpower.” I was told it was “my fault” and that I lacked discipline… wow, the people who say that are so wrong and sooooo outdated and old-school.

You have two brains, sort of… your digestive system is responsible for way more than digestion. All of us have a gut nervous system, called the ENS or Enteric Nervous System, that is 100 million neurons going mostly one-way from your gut to your brain. Basically, the bacteria in your bowel have a direct influence on your brain, your choices and your, uh “willpower.”

Ever wonder why some people can eat everything and not gain weight while others hardly eat and gain weight. It’s not calories. It’s the bacteria in your bowel, once more.

If you have cravings, or if you have low “willpower,’ or if you gain weight really easily despite eating very little or exercising lots… you are 90% sure to need to heal your gut and exchange the bacteria living there.

Only if you dare, take a look at these toilet photos to see what many people think is “normal” but which is instead a positive indicator of some really bad gut health. Don’t say I didn’t warn you….


Mushy stool isn’t “normal.” Mushy stool means poor absorption of nutrients and probably consistent gas and cravings, which can be eliminated with better gut health…


Oil film around stool means LEAKY GUT and poor absorption of fat – this can relate to brain health, mood and to cravings also. This client also has (had) Candida rash on skin, fed by poor gut health

Candida skin rash

This is what a Candida skin rash looks like.

Seriously, it works to understand what your REAL gut health is.

By Cabot Health, Bristol Stool Chart – http://cdn.intechopen.com/pdfs-wm/46082.pdf, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=41761316

Basically (this is really, really over-simplified), all the bacteria in your gut can be classified into two general categories: either Class F or Class B.

People who are heavy or who have severe cravings have about 80% class F and 20% Class B. Thinner folks and those with low cravings are the opposite – 80% B and 20% F.  This is why fecal transplant operations or interventions are becoming popular – yes, taking feces from a healthier person and introducing it into an unhealthy person can affect cures and improvements in their health or conditions.

If you’re not keen to consume someone else’s poop, you can instead change your own gut health through diet (it takes a few months of effort) and gut health supplements to speed up the changes. A gut-friendly diet provides an environment where the good bugs thrive and the bad ones die off and re-balance to appropriate numbers and strains.

Your FEWL programs and food plans are ALL excellent gut-changers and most all the supplements of FEWL will accelerate these good changes. However, there are some in particular to use daily as your core products, since there are so many opportunities for the American Diet to creep in and erode our gut health. Some specific gut-boosting and Willpower supplements that make the Holidays easier to navigate with fewer gut-challenges include the things to counter sugar, alcohol, salt and the plethora of toxins from the variety of additives, sweeteners, color and flavor agents found in so many holiday foods and treats:

We’d be happy to get you set up with any product or program information you need to better your gut and your willpower. Also, catch our blog next week for part 2 of Gaining Willpower




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