Join the FEWL founders for a half hour to explore the hormone interactions that reduce belly fat and body fat, make you sleep well, give you energy and create muscle tone. They’re Functional nutrition experts with 25 years of practice helping tens of thousands of clients reach their health goals.

Quickly learn what the key hormones are that you need to test, what to do with the results and how to correct the hormone levels and rhythms key to YOU.

From food choices, to supplements to lifestyle, this is your chance to ask the experts.

Before the webinar, you’ll receive an easy-to-follow pdf of their slides, as well as a 15% discount on their products and services for attending (excluding the DUTCH test – we already provide that at cost for your benefit because we believe everyone should have affordable access to their own hormone profile).


Denver weight loss coach


FEWL Coach Highlight

Jeff has been a co-owner of several companies, including the internationally recognized health ‘boot camp’ Mountain Trek, where he worked side-by-side with thousands of clients. As a Dietitian, business developer, and professional mountain guide, as well as a pioneer in the Functional Nutrition and Medicine movement, Jeff helps his clients obtain complete transformation in their lives.

Kimberly Ward Denver


FEWL Coach Highlight

Kim Ward is Expert Certified and has 20 years of experience. Her education and experience includes Licensed Massage Therapist, a Functional Nutritionist and Certified Holistic Health Coach. She has helped hundreds of people who suffered from anxiety, leaky gut, Obesity, Adrenal issues, food allergies, hormone imbalance and more!

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