FEWL Supplements

Fifty years of obesity and weight-loss research, world wide, shows that effective and sustainable weight loss rests on three goals being met in this order:

  1. Fast weight loss (ideally 3- 8 pounds / week on average)
  2. Support to problem solve and reach an acceptable goal
  3. Supplements and tools to expedite the weight loss and to assist in compliance and behavior modification along the journey. Supplements can expedite weight loss by 3-5x, as shown in the chart below.

FEWL supplements can be generalized into two major categories, each of which supports Goals 1 & 3, while our FEWL coaches help meet goal # 2.

Combining supplements with regular visits to a center is the fastest way to lose the most weight!

How they work


Look AHEAD Study: Activity vs. protein supplement in weightloss

Activity group – 6 month results

Minutes of activity increased per week / Weight lost

  • 25 minutes per week / 4.4%
  • 85 minutes per week / 7.1%
  • 149 minutes per week / 9%
  • 287 minutes per week / 12%

Protein Supplement Group – 6 month results

Protein Supplements used / Weight lost

  • 117 Protein Supplement  / 5.9%
  • 277 Protein Supplement / 7.2%
  • 406 Protein Supplement  / 9.4%
  • 608 Protein Supplement  / 11.2%

FEWL supplements are tested to deliver:

  • 3x higher absorption rates than the competition
  • 3x higher amounts of active nutrients at production (peak concentration of nutrients)
  • 3x higher amounts of nutrients found in your cells (called saturation potential)

These are the data our manufacturer records in comparisons to the competition, and it’s a key reason for our clients to reach their goals faster. MOST manufacturers don’t do these kinds of tests because the majority of supplements are not guaranteed to have this quality. Instead, most supplements are simply built to so sell product. Because FEWL is results-driven, it’s important to us to source the quality we need to deliver the results.

Consumer Labs in White Plains tests supplements, and they find that 30% of all supplements don’t deliver all the nutrients they claim. The trade group, Council for Responsible Nutrition says that up to 15% inaccuracy is acceptable in supplements, but we disagree so much that we found one of only a couple manufacturers that delivers the best quality in the industry, built for medical professionals requiring this level of potency.

There are a few different levels of certifications and qualities within the industry. Different factories produce different quality ‘levels’ for their vendors. Imagine it goes grade 1, grade 2, grade 3 grade 4 and so on, where grade 1 manufacturers produce the highest quality and most potent supplements available (that’s FEWL). For most medical applications, only a grade 3 is required, so we are a couple grades above that. The supplements in a pharmacy or Costco are well below even a grade 3, say around a grade 7 or 8.

Most vitamins and minerals in supplements are either produced in the USA, Germany or China, depending on the nutrient. Highly specialized nutrients, like CoQ10, are sourced from China or Germany but the quality is vastly different between different sources. Why’s this important to know?

Because here’s how the industry works:

The raw ingredients are imported to a distribution center, which then ships out the ingredients based on approximate grade to the appropriate factories. But nutrients degrade with time, heat, light and in shipping, they are already changing and losing potency. They are also subject to mold, bacteria and even chemical impurity, such as heavy metals from chemicals used to isolate and purify them or even metal parts from the manufacturing process. Hard to believe, but true. So when the nutrients get to the higher-grade, premium factories (there are only half a dozen in the country, including FEWL’s), they are tested and anything not meeting their standard is sent back to the distributor. The distributor then re-ships these returned goods to lower-quality manufacturers, which doesn’t have as rigid of testing or quality requirements. But again, because of the re-shipping and even the original sources of the ingredients, these re-shipped ingredients often don’t make the cut and are sent again back to the distributor, who then ships them to an even lower grade manufacturer. All the while, the ingredients become less potent, less pure and more contaminated with bacteria, molds and ultimately, they become lower priced to the manufacturer, but not necessarily to you the consumer.

How do you know which one you’re getting?

Look for labels that indicate the testing levels, which are the most stringent in the world:

NSF – GMP for Sport Registered
NSF – GMP registered
TGA certified

As well, note whether or not you notice a difference when you stop taking the supplement after a month or more – if you note a difference, it’s a good one. There are tens of thousands of weight loss supplements on the market, and FEWL has chosen those that are the most cost effective and which deliver the MOST benefit for the MOST people during weight loss, weight control and everyday health.

Effective weight loss supplements can be placed in 5 basic categories:

  • Weight loss
  • detoxification
  • gut health
  • anti-inflammation
  • hormone balance
  • anti-aging and stress management
  • brain health and mood
  • those for added protein balance and blood sugar balance – like FEWL Breakfast shakes which give you a healthy alternative to what’s in the supermarket.

FEWL supplements are formulated to target these specific categories, with many of them also bridging over to be effective in other categories as well.  Everyone has a unique lifestyle and unique challenges, thus supplementation must be personalized to ensure YOU get what YOU need for best effect.  Our coaches work with you to ‘target’ your supplements to your unique needs.

A summary of the evidence

In the LOOK Ahead study, 5145 men and women were recruited at 16 sites in the U.S. and were split into two groups for weight loss interventions.
One group increased their activity, the other group used increasing numbers of protein supplements each week, like FEWL Breakfast Shakes, and the two groups’ weight loss was compared after 6 months.

During weight loss phase, the weight loss was the same whether one increased activity OR one increased the use of supplements: this data of a large sample size (5145 men is a large group) shows that appropriate supplementation can be as or more effective than simply exercising.

Imagine what happens when you combine the two?

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