Common Questions: Medical

What if I have medical conditions?

We have trained staff with a lot of experience and certifications, but we escalate the difficult things to our medical advisors when appropriate. We’re not a medical program, however, so we do work with your physician if requested. All our records and communications are HIPPA compliant for a reasonJ

What if I have a thyroid condition?

If you have a thyroid condition, FEWL can be extremely effective. Thyroid and other hormonal conditions, like metabolic hormones, steroid hormones, adrenal and stress hormones, are often vastly improved with diet and lifestyle changes such as those in the FEWL program.

What if I am diabetic?

We work very closely with all our clients, people with diabetes are no exception.  You will work with your FEWL coaches to stabilize and control your blood sugars and / or help you implement your physician’s suggestions into your daily routines. Everyone is unique, so please ring us to find whether FEWL is a fit for you.

What if I am taking medications?

FEWL is personalized to each individual: during your assessment we will review your medications so that we can implement an appropriate protocol for you. FEWL is compatible with most medications, including common drugs for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression and diabetes.  As your health improves through the program, you will need to work with your physician to reduce or eliminate your medications appropriately.

What if I have high blood pressure?

FEWL addresses the most common causes for having high blood pressure and you can expect reductions in your blood pressure to decrease as you get healthier through your program.

What if I have had Bariatric surgery?

If you’ve had gastric bypass, sleeve or lap band surgery and have either regained weight or failed to reach your goal, FEWL can provide the education and structure to help you reach and sustain a healthy weight.

Why do you use supplements?

In 1999, the AMA, USDA and the AND acknowledged that our food quality was poor enough to warrant them. Along the way, we witnessed that to get healthy and lose weight faster, targeted and appropriate supplements speed the process of repair and results.

Common Questions:  Age, Lifestyle & Goals

What if I’m also cooking for others?

FEWL foods and recipes work for everyone’s tastes in the family. The FEWL forum and the access to recipes and cooking videos you get from your membership give you ample ideas for easily made, delicious meals for you and the whole family.

What if I’m menopausal?

Hormone imbalances are one of the root causes for weight gain and poor health – we certainly understand this and the challenges that come along with menopause. Balancing hormones is a cornerstone in our programs, and you can achieve excellent results with FEWL.

What if I have 5-10 pounds to lose?

Weight loss isn’t the only reason FEWL brings you good health. Although, it’s common to lose 5- 10 pounds during the FEWL 8-day reset-detox stage. Our Radical Freedom program offers excellent long-term benefits for people with little or no weight to lose, and our FEWL Effect program is very powerful for people simply wishing to maintain.

What if I’m over 65 years old?

Age really doesn’t matter. What matters is personalizing a program for your needs.

What if I have mobility restrictions?

FEWL results don’t rely on exercise: the myth is that exercise is needed to lose weight but the reality is that exercise helps, but it is not required. There are many things you can do that increase your ‘activity’ which are not ‘exercise-related.’  If you are unable to be active in any way, you will still lose weight if you stick to the program.

What if I have 100+ pounds to lose?

It doesn’t matter if you have 100 pounds or 20 pounds to lose, FEWL supports you to get you the results you’re looking for.

Common Questions: Program Experience

It’s not just what you eat, but how you eat.

Do I need to track my food and follow a specific meal plan?

Together we will personalize a meal and food plan to accommodate allergies, food preferences, cultural choices, lifestyle or holidays and your individual goals. You’ll have access to our HIPPA-compliant photo food journal ad video, text or phone chats with your coaching team. This makes FEWL a wherever, whenever program for your convenience and your personal needs.

What are the requirements?

FEWL members follow a structured dietary plan that controls for timing, spacing and ratios of food groups at meals. Yes, following the plan gives results that we calculate as 2 pounds a week lost on average. Alcohol, added sugars and artificial sweeteners are restricted, as are certain foods or ingredients known to cause inflammation or promote fat storage. Light to moderate activity is encouraged but not required.

What are the allowed foods?

There are over 100 choices of common, widely available healthy foods that your family can enjoy. We do recommend that you prepare your own foods as often as possible. Be aware that no alcohol, sugar or processed carbohydrates are allowed during the weight loss stages of FEWL.

Will I get enough nutrition?

You will most likely receive far higher quality and healthier nutrition during the program than with your prior eating patterns. Why else would you be looking at FEWL?

What are the costs?

The FEWL plans average $2 – $5 a day. We calculate 2 pounds of weight loss a week when we determine how long your plan will last to reach a goal weight. You can pay upfront or with a monthly payment plan. Total cost will vary on membership duration and personalized supplementation.

Will I be hungry?

It’s unlikely you’ll feel hungry – quite the opposite is most often the case when clients state they feel full and are eating more than they are accustomed to at different times of the day. Our plans are designed to effectively combat the physiological causes of cravings and hunger while our coaching contact can often assist you to navigate the emotionally-caused cravings and hunger. We do this through a combination of factors including nutritional content of the program, our approach to stabilizing blood sugar levels and improving satiety signaling from better gut health and reduced inflammation.

Will I lose muscle?

Unlike diets that use simple calorie restriction, FEWL is designed to target and reduce your fat, not your lean or muscle mass.

Common Questions: Compare to other programs

Why not a point system?

Points systems are scientifically flawed. They allow for too much variation, too many mistakes and too much cheating — like allocating your points to eating a pan of brownies. They’re designed using outdated science – calorie counting – from 1901, which has a 35 – 65% error in every count and how it is used in the body. They always fail to address the fact that calories are not created equal and that there are so many other reasons why different people use the calories differently, such as gut health, inflammation, hormone balances and other Root Causes. Your body needs proper nutrition for optimal weight loss — you CANNOT have your cake and eat it too.

Can’t I just lose on my own?

If you feel you can, absolutely, positively, go ahead Many of our clients elect to do a do it yourself Detox and Reset to kickstart their own programs. However, most people are much more successful with FEWL as a partner for faster, easier results at a more affordable price than constantly recycling weight gain and weight loss. Individuals often ‘fail’ because of the large amount of misinformation about dieting and the generations of incorrect education about nutrition and health. Dieting on your own does not address the other metabolic factors that could be preventing weight loss or which could be adding to your weight, such as food sensitivities, inflammation, hormone imbalances, gut health, epigenetics or even the chronobiology of meal timing…. FEWL has done the research for you and created a proven, reliable system for success which we’ve tested in multi-week bootcamps and in brick-and-mortar weight loss clinics and physician offices.

Why not packaged foods?

For better results, we recommend eating freshly prepared, natural foods when possible. Eating processed foods with chemicals and artificial sweeteners adds chemical load to your body that directly adds fat tissue and weight from inflammation and hormone imbalances. FEWL foods are natural and promote long-term weight loss and health patterns for a healthy ever after. Eating from packages is most likely a big reason why you got heavy and unhealthy.

Can’t I keep the same habits?

Maybe some, probably not all. Depending on what you’re asking about, we likely will need to make some changes for the better. You’ll learn meal timing, food ratios and food selection patterns that become the foundation for the healthiest long-term habits. FEWL offers many tools and support systems to really help you cement the things important for your success into your daily life, forever.

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