Keep a good thing going! Our FEWL Effect program will help you stay on your success track.



The health and weight maintenance program designed for after completing a weight loss, a radical freedom or a detox-reset program

  • $15 / month
  • Forever value on unbelievable service and exceptional products at an always-excellent price point.
  • Continued access to the FEWL community
  • Continued FEWL dashboard access for photo and video journaling, weight and activity tracking
  • Monthly check-ins by your FEWL coaches
  • Unlimited coaching chat service
  • NO enrollment fees for other programs
  • Early intervention and coaching if you should regain weight or your symptoms resurface

What happens in FEWL Effect?

You’ll be using FEWL’s proprietary ‘zone’ system to know when to re-engage with us and why. If your health or weight changes, we have the expertise to navigate successfully with you back to where you want to be.

We continue to monitor and review your:

  • Circadian rhythm and energy
  • Gut health – microbiome health and gut-brain connection
  • Hormone balancing: Stress hormones, metabolism hormones, sex and muscle hormones
  • Anti-aging and longevity techniques and supplements
  • Sleep quality, movement and mindfulness
  • Inflammation, immunity and brain health

Haven’t tried our Detox program yet?


Get a jump start with our 8 Day Reset Detox Program


“My doctor was like ‘WOW, what happened? This is awesome!’”

Kevin, FEWL Client

scale for body fat and weight

This helpful scale measures your body fat and weight so you can really check your progress.

How Toxic Am I?

Take our Body Toxicity Assessment now to determine how toxins affect your body.


Why am I fat?

Is it inflammation, your gut health, hormone imbalances or body toxicity that is creating your weight problem?  Take our quick assessment to find out.


Do I have Adrenal Fatigue?

Take our quick Adrenal Assessment to see your probability for adrenal fatigue and see if your stress hormones are making you sick, tired, grumpy and fat.


Are my bugs bad?

Take our quick Candida and Dysbiosis Assessment to see if the bugs in you are driving your fat, cravings, mood, motivation, sex drive and skin rashes.