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What Women Need to Know about Testosterone

Women - the Topic of Testosterone is Important for You Too! Last week we discussed low Testosterone in men, the causes and the symptoms of it. But testosterone is critical for women too – even if men take all the headlines. Calling it the ‘man’s hormone’ is so out of date! Calling Testosterone (T) the [...]

2017-03-08T15:42:11-08:00March 6th, 2017|detox, DUTCH Test, weight loss|0 Comments

Testosterone Levels in Men

Where's My Testosterone? Did you know that Testosterone (T) levels in men across America has been seriously declining for the past 20 years? According to a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, the T levels in American men have been seriously declining for about the last 20 years. Not surprisingly, [...]

2017-03-08T15:21:42-08:00March 1st, 2017|detox, DUTCH Test|0 Comments

13 Things You Need to Know About the Sleep Hormone Melatonin

Information About this Powerful Hormone and Your Health Melatonin is a hormone produced almost entirely by the bacteria in your gut, not just in the pineal gland of the brain like the science of yester-year believed. This is just like the “happy hormone,” serotonin. Until very recently it was assumed that it was made in the brain [...]

2017-02-15T12:28:19-08:00February 15th, 2017|DUTCH Test, Radical Freedom, Supplements|0 Comments

DUTCH Cravings and Adrenals

Are your cravings from adrenal fatigue or brain fatigue? What the DUTCH test can reveal. Have you heard of the DUTCH (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones) test and what it can reveal to you about your health? Let me explain. In the 1990’s, Adrenal Fatigue was coined to describe the imbalance of the cortisol [...]

2017-01-31T03:57:17-08:00August 19th, 2016|detox, DUTCH Test|0 Comments
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