Have you ever heard the last ten pounds is hard to lose?

measure your body fat and weightDid you know that FEWL clients track their inflammation to break through the last ten pounds? Ever wonder if you have food sensitivities? Or whether you have an inflammation causing several pounds of belly bloat? Or that maybe the last ten pounds is inflammation? It’s possible to determine these things with tests from physicians, such as a c-CRP blood test or to use one of the more convenient and affordable FEWL tools – the body fat scale.

Food sensitivities which cause inflammation are very common – about 80% of us have some level of sensitivity to a combination of the most common foods in our diets:

Soy, corn, dairy, sugar, alcohol, coffee, wheat, eggs, peanuts… and using a body fat scale really helps you to understand when your sensitivities are ‘in’ or ‘out’ of control, so to speak. Best of all, one of the key ingredients to long-term success is consistent, weekly monitoring using a scale, and a body fat scale just adds more power to your success longevity.

Here’s how body fat scales work:

The body fat scales run a small electric current through your body. Your fat, bones, water and muscles all provide different ‘resistances’ to this current and a fairly accurate measurement of your fat, water, muscle and bone mass is recorded.

It’s not exactly accurate as many science papers and blog sites will argue, but it IS accurate enough to give you the picture you need. Trust us, we’ve used body fat scales for nearly two decades with literally thousands of people – because they work. We can say absolutely, positively say that body fat scale technology is just fine and accurate enough for 99% of the population.

Why Tanita? We’ve used the Tanita scale for all these years, and we’ve compared it to other similar scales. We prefer Tanita because of its reliability, ease of use and affordable price!

For long-term success: Tracking your body composition on a weekly basis keeps you in tune with where you are and with the changes that happen along your journey. It keeps you accountable and honest when you need it and keeps you motivated each and every week to continue developing the changes you want for success.

For Inflammation and food sensitivities:

Inflammation is measured accurately in a blood test or more informally with how your body water changes. Using the body fat scale is a great way to track any changes in your body water – you can see these changes within hours of eating an inflammatory food and particularly in the morning weigh-ins you do. If you’re food sensitive, you will notice changes in your water weight (but not your fat weight!).

For the last ten pounds: So many people mistakenly think the last ten pounds is so hard to lose: they are focusing only on total body weight and have no clue that they are maintaining ten to fifteen pounds of ‘inflammation’ from food sensitivities… so we use the Tanita to assist clients to identify and correct the things that affect ALL parts of their weight.

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