Body Toxicity Assessment

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  • What’s in you and how does it speed up weight loss to get rid of it?

    Knowing your toxicity level is important, because body toxicity messes up with your hormones, your fat metabolism and your weight loss. In fact, scientists from the National Institute of Health stated in 2011 that between 35% and 65% of the size and total number of your fat cells are caused by your toxic chemical load. The following assessment will help you determine YOUR toxic load (we all have one!) and also guide you in seeing how you change through the program. These questions are gathered from the Toxicity Assessment questions used by various medical professionals and the latest publications in medical journals. It’s possible for you to be exposed to other chemicals not included in this assessment, however, this assessment will give you a good idea of where you are at today. Toxicity Assessment questions focus on how the compounds get into your body, where you encounter them in your daily life, and some of the daily habits you can do to reduce them and get rid of them. Results cannot be scored unless you answer every question: