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FEWL Clean Eating and WEIGHT LOSS Plan

For about $2 a day!


The FEWL Clean Eating and Weight Loss program gets you get healthier, and gives you faster, easier weight loss.

How? We get to the root cause of your weight gain then combine a balanced and personalized nutrition plan tailored to your needs with the right supplementation to help you restore your gut health, rebalance your weight-related hormones and reduce body toxicity.

The more you connect with your FEWL coach, the faster you lose and more success you have. Why? Studies show that support is a key ingredient for meeting weight loss goals. Your FEWL coaches listen to you. They understand you. They help you navigate the stresses of life  when you want to throw in the towel and those old patterns of eating come knocking at the door. They hold you accountable in the right ways, without guilt and without shame.

This program is perfect for anyone wanting to learn how to eat healthier, and/or lose weight and who wants “just tell me what to do and how to do it and make me do it.”

You’ll get 60 minutes of one-on-one phone or video coaching every month (15 min per week or 30 minutes every 2 weeks) PLUS email and texting support as needed.  This plan comes with an individualized clean eating food plan, personalized weight loss instructions, recipes and shopping lists, supplement suggestions and free access to the FEWL App that allows you to track your foods, supplement and results.


  • Lose 2 – 4 lbs / week on average
  • 3 coaching sessions / week
  • Connect with your coach by video, phone or text anywhere, anytime
  • Personalized plan developed for you by your coaches and adjusted as your results   progress
  • Prevent and interrupt the predictable weight plateaus and rebounds
  • Self-assessments designed by medical professionals – reviewed by you and your team to personalize your plan
  • Targeted supplementation using medical grade supplements to accelerate the repair of your root causes and your weight loss
  • Join our invite-only community of clients and experts for sharing tips and for support
  • Coming soon: interface your tech trackers, like fitbit and garmin, with a body fat weight scale (such as Tanita) to track your progress
  • $48 / month subscription for the duration of your program with $150 initial enrollment and admin fee

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“I’m now in a size 10 pants and I don’t have to buy the kind that stretches.”

Kathe, FEWL Client

scale for body fat and weight

This cool and helpful scale measures your body fat and weight so you can really check your progress.

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How Toxic Am I?

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Why am I fat?

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Do I have Adrenal Fatigue?

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Are my bugs bad?

Take our quick Candida and Dysbiosis Assessment to see if the bugs in you are driving your fat, cravings, mood, motivation, sex drive and skin rashes.