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Hitting a plateau? Having a rebound? Over-enjoyed a holiday? Feeling unmotivated? Don’t worry, it’s not you and it is predictable and preventable with one easy technique at the right times in your journey.

When we gain weight, it’s mostly from chemical toxins that get stored in fat and therefore increase the size and total number of fat cells we have.  Every 6 weeks or so as you lose weight or when you are re-setting your hormones you will typically run into a stall, plateau or rebound. Same thing happens at a holiday, like Thanksgiving or Christmas when we step out of our pattern. Typically these rebounds and stalls happen because of a combination of three things:


  1. If you’ve been losing fat tissue, you’ve unloaded chemical toxins into your blood and UNLESS you are actively using a detox protocol, you re-absorb the toxins and gain weight back.
  2. You’ve been eating the same foods at the same times of day and you create ‘physiological memory’ and ‘metabolic memory.’  This is where consuming the same combination of nutrients in the same meals at the same times simply causes your metabolism to ‘adjust’ to the pattern and stall your weight loss.
  3. Since you’ve likely gotten into the pattern of “same food, same time, same day” or you’ve “indulged,” you likely have slowed the repair in your gut: you’ve enabled the fat-gaining bacteria out-compete the fat-losing bacteria and you’ve become more efficient again at making and storing fat tissue.

You can see what I mean in the illustration below…

To avoid plateaus, rebounds or to minimize them and break through them, we suggest:
  1. Call, email or text your FEWL Coach!  Your coach is an expert at figuring out what your priority should be to moving through a stall as quickly and easily as possible. Re-take your toxicity and gut-check tests to see where you land!
  2. Drink water, especially with Ignite or Stress Buster for added metabolic anti-oxidants: Drink an extra 8 to 16 ounces of water daily for three days – it helps your kidneys to flush & eliminate toxins and get you back on track. Adding Ignite or Stress Buster adds more benefit by assisting with liver detox and with balancing weight-related hormones, plus they both taste awesome!
  3. Gut-health supplements! Make sure you are using probiotics, digestive enzymes, colon health, vitamin D and Immune Booster daily to get your gut back on track. Get yours here (and don’t forget your discount code!!!): http://fewlshop.io/
  4. Go green: eat lots of raw green veggies because they are packed with water, fiber and nutrients that will help you flush out toxins and speed weight loss.
  5. Be consistent: Meal timing is key to seeing a consistent loss on the scale. Never miss a breakfast, lunch or dinner and follow your meal plan: consistency in WHEN you eat will result in consistent weekly results by balancing your insulin / blood sugar levels and boosting your metabolism.
  6. Eat variety: Stalls and plateaus disappear when you really are eating different proteins and different veggies every day.
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