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FEWL’s not about calories or exercise. Weight and health challenges come from a combination of chemical toxicity, poor gut health, hormone imbalances and inflammation. We call these ‘Root Causes’.

Which FEWL program is right for you?


  • Lose the weight you always wanted to lose
  • Eat real food available at grocery stores and most restaurants
  • When you follow FEWL’s guidelines, your results are guaranteed in writing*
  • Expert coaching by video, text, phone
  • Targeted supplementation to speed results


  • Proprietary 8-day protocol
  • Reset metabolism & detox the body
  • Weight loss is typical, results vary*


  • For people who’re doing most things right or who’ve tried most things and still aren’t reaching their health or weight goals
  • A committed 6-month program
  • Hormone testing & rebalancing of hormones that cause belly fat, fatigue, poor sleep and lower metabolism
  • Targets parasite, fungal and bacterial overgrowths (like candida)
  • Addresses stress eating and cravings

Root causes of weight gain are the backbone of most health issues like arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s & dementia.

Take these any of these FEWL quizzes to discover which root causes affect you most.

How Toxic Am I?

Take our Body Toxicity Assessment now to determine how toxins affect your body.


Why am I fat?

Is it inflammation, your gut health, hormone imbalances or body toxicity that is creating your weight problem?  Take our quick assessment to find out.


Do I have Adrenal Fatigue?

Take our quick Adrenal Assessment to see your probability for adrenal fatigue and see if your stress hormones are making you sick, tired, grumpy and fat.


Are my bugs bad?

Take our quick Candida and Dysbiosis Assessment to see if the bugs in you are driving your fat, cravings, mood, motivation, sex drive and skin rashes.


Ready to know more?

Aside from our online tools, FEWL also has a wide range of products that will help you in achieving a healthier life!

Your health is important so we wrote a couple of articles to keep you updated about different health related news and topics.

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Paula, FEWL Client

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